Loon speaks on the Rap Industry

15 Dec

Nearly nine years ago, Loon was poised to become hip hop’s biggest star. The year was 2001 and P. Diddy was preparing another takeover of the game. Shyne, the replacement for Mase, had just gone to prison and fresh blood was needed.

P. Diddy was back in the public eye after his public breakup with Jennifer Lopez. To cope with the pain, he returned to the music scene with a new single. The song ended up being his chart-topping hit, “I Need A Girl.”

By early 2002, the song was a hit. It was known for the slow beat, the hook from Usher and the slow rhymes from P. Diddy. However, there was another artist on the song that sounded a bit like P. Diddy, but was not him. For most of early 2002, people were wondering who this guy was.

Not only was he appearing on more and more P. Diddy songs and remixes, but he also began making public appearances with the mogul. Before long, he formally introduced Loon to the public. It would be his appearance on the summer 2002 hit, “I Need A Girl, Part 2,” that made him into a star.

After a successful 2002, the next year was supposed to be Loon’s year. But, the emergence of 50 Cent pushed Loon and his buzz to the wayside. During the summer of 2003, Loon released his self-titled debut, which was a platinum success and was met with mixed reviews. Along the way, he even scored a hit with “How You Want That.”

However, after 2003 and the release of his debut album, he left Bad Boy Records to form his own label, Boss Up Entertainment. In the time since he left Bad Boy, Loon has become a fixture on the mixtape scene. His independent albums are among the most notable. Since 2007, there has not been any new music from Loon.

Earlier this year, he announced that he had converted to Islam and that he was officially done with hip hop music. His reasons for leaving are because it is a dirty and grimey industry. The former rapper, now named Amir Junaid Muuhadith, also said that the industry provides no type of reward or acceptance from Allah.

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