50 Cent speaks on Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks

15 Dec

There is a transition taking place at G-Unit Records. Contractually, the label is still distributed by Interscope Records, but none of the artists are signed to G-Unit through Interscope. After the release of his Greatest Hits album, 50 Cent will no longer be on the label, either.

Two years ago, albums were supposed to be released from Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. However, the decline in popularity in the music coming from 50 Cent and G-Unit caused their albums to be pushed back by Interscope. Tired of waiting, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks left Interscope Records.

It has been a year since the rappers left Interscope Records. Despite their deals being over with the big label, they are still signed to G-Unit. 50 Cent is currently thinking about moving the G-Unit label to a new distribution deal. With new albums coming from Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, next year, 50 is searching for the right company to distribute these albums.

Most likely, the company that releases the new albums from Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks will end up being the company that 50 Cent moves the G-Unit imprint to. Next year, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo will be releasing their yet-to-be titled albums on G-Unit Records.

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