Memphis Bleek speaks on Beanie Sigel issue

14 Dec

Back in September, Beanie Sigel conducted an interview which asked about the current state of Roc-A-Fella Records. While he did not know the status of the label, Sigel said that the Roc would live forever. Almost two months after those comments, he dissed Jay-Z.

The song, “I’m Not Your Average Cat,” was dedicated to Jay-Z and how he felt mistreated by Jay over his time with the label and the time since. He felt that Jay sent a light jab towards him on his song, “What We Talkin’ About.” Beanie Sigel also took the time to diss Memphis Bleek, his onetime ally, on the song.

Out of the entire Roc, it was safe to say that Bleek and Sigel had one of the strongest relationships. Because of this, Memphis Bleek did not send a nasty response back to Beanie Sigel. Instead, Memph Bleek said that the two rappers could sit back and talk it out. In response to those comments, Beanie Sigel called Bleek fake.

Despite all of the disses going back and forth, Memphis Bleek still hoped that they could unite for a record on his album, The Process. Bleek had reached out to Just Blaze for the perfect Roc-A-Fella-themed track. Since the feud has kicked into high-gear, Bleek is unsure if the collaboration will take place.

Regarding the issue, Memphis Bleek said that he will have to wait and see what happens. Still, despite more disses from Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek is still calling him “his brother.” Bleek said that he does not feel any different from Beans than he did when he first joined the label ten years ago.

There have been many allegations from Beanie Sigel and many rumors that have floated around, but Memphis Bleek has no idea why he is so upset with he and Jay-Z. Bleek said that only a few months ago that he and Beans, along with Freeway were in Las Vegas.

With a collaboration with Beanie Sigel stalled, Memphis Bleek is still hard at work on his comeback album. Currently, The Process is set for a release on March 23, 2010 on Get Low Records and Mass Appeal Entertainment.

One Response to “Memphis Bleek speaks on Beanie Sigel issue”

  1. Melanie December 15, 2009 at 10:08 pm #

    Beeans needs to go take care of his kids and let Jesus take the wheel. Quit running with Fifty and letting him play games with you dude, Bleek and Jay are doing them. Do you.

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