Jim Jones talks 50 Cent vs. Jay-Z feud

14 Dec

It is no secret that Jim Jones does not like Jay-Z. Most of his time in the spotlight is known for his disses aimed at Jay. At one point, he said that he would end feuds with every rapper that he had an issue with, except for Jay-Z. However, as he and his former partner, Cam’ron, have fallen out, Jones has sounded willing to make peace with Jay-Z.

One rapper that does not seem willing to make peace with Jay-Z is 50 Cent. For years, he has taken subtle shots at Jay-Z. However, recently, 50 has been going at Jay-Z just as hard as he can in order to receive a response. So far, it has been three months of the 50 Cent disses and the most 50 has received in return is Jay-Z talking about him with Tim Westwood.

Jim Jones spoke on his performance at the ThisIs50 Fest. He said that he does not go on stage for free and that 50 Cent will probably pay him for his appearance. Jones went on to speak on 50 Cent’s Jay-Z diss, “So Disrespectufl.” The rapper went on to repeat some of the song’s lyrics, saying that he loves all music.

Even though he and Jay-Z are currently feuding with each other, Jim Jones said that he loves the verse that Hov dropped on last year’s “Swagga Like Us.” He said that the feud between himself and Jay-Z has nothing to do with the fact that his longtime foe makes good music. He said that it is messed up that he listens to Jay-Z’s music, but his lone hit, “We Fly High,” is never played at Jay’s 40/40 Club, despite it being the New York club anthem.

Continuing the Jay-Z talk, Jones boasted about being the last rapper to receive a response from the rapper. He even mentioned the light jab that he sent towards him on The Blueprint 3, which has sold over one million copies. Later, he was asked about why Jay responded to his disses, but ignored the disses from 50 Cent.

From there, Jim Jones offered some advice to 50 Cent. Ever since 2007, 50 and Jones have been allies. In the Cam’ron feud, Jones teamed with 50 to overtake Cam over at Dipset. Becuase of that, the two often side with each other in many issues. Addressing the budding feud between the two rappers, Jones suggested that 50’s crew attack Jay-Z’s crew.

Recently, Jim Jones left Columbia Records after releasing one album on the label. He has returned to his first recording home of Koch Records, now E1 Music. Jones will release his first album back with the label sometime next year as the official follow-up to this year’s Pray IV Reign.

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