Juelz Santana refuses to diss Cam’ron

12 Dec

Only a few years ago, no crew in hip hop seemed more united than The Diplomats. In 2006, the crew hit their peak, but their leader, Cam’ron, was notably absent. Juelz Santana and Jim Jones frequently made up excuses about why he was not around.

By early 2007, there were rumors about a feud between Jones and Cam that began circulating. Despite all of the rumors, any sense of tension was denied by the crew. It was not until Cam’ron began feuding with 50 Cent and Jim Jones and Juelz Santana took the stage with him that the tensions were revealed.

Not long after they took the stage with 50 Cent, Cam’ron was kicked out of the group. Even though the tensions were revealed, they still said that Cam would continue to work with them. In 2009, when Cam’ron made his comeback, he revealed that there was indeed a feud. He said that he had not talked with Jim Jones for over a year until they talked in March of 2009.

When Cam’ron revealed this, Jones denied that they had ever talked. This led to Cam taking shots at both Jones and Juelz Santana. It was then that Cam said that Santana had an addiction to syrup. Juelz Santana has vehemently denied these charges and said that he would be willing to work with Cam again if he apologized for his comments.

Initially, Cam’ron said that he was open to working with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana again, but he said that Dipset was over and he would never work with these two artists again. Jim Jones dissed Cam’ron in response, but Juelz Santana said that he will not diss Cam’ron. Even though they do not get along now they once did.

Santana said that despite the way that they currently feel about each other, without Cam’ron he would not have achieved the success that he did. In 2002, Cam rose to stardom behind his two hit singles, “Oh Boy,” and “Hey Ma,” these singles were among the most-played in 2002 and both featured a cameo from Juelz.

Recently, Cam’ron performed “Oh Boy” live and dissed Juelz Santana. Realizing that he owes his success to Cam’ron, no response can be expected from Santana that will disrespect Cam’ron.

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