DJ Khaled defends Ace Hood’s Album Sales

12 Dec

In the current state of hip hop, it is hard to reach the platinum mark unless there is a legacy behind your music. Even if there is a legacy behind the music, rarely does a rapper release an album a year. Aside from Plies, Ace Hood has released an album a year.

Ace Hood was signed to Def Jam South in late 2007 by DJ Khaled, who happens to be the head of the label. In 2008, Ace released his debut album, Gutta, which failed to even sell 100,000 copies. In 2009, his second album, Ruthless, was released having similar sales.

Because of his low album sales, a lot of criticism has been aimed in the direction of Ace Hood. People are saying that the only reason that Ace Hood has released two albums back-to-back is because he has the label president in his corner. DJ Khaled has come to defend his artist from those rumors.

According to DJ Khaled, among the new artists that first came in 2008, Ace has sold far more records than all of them. He credits Ace Hood’s work ethic and good music as the reasons that he has released his albums so close together. Khaled said that his main aim is to make Hood into a star.

DJ Khaled predicted that in the near future, Ace Hood is going to break out and become a star. It turns out that he is working on a third album that is tentatively set for a summer 2010 release on We The Best Music and Def Jam South.

One Response to “DJ Khaled defends Ace Hood’s Album Sales”

  1. Castro Morgan August 16, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    waaaaaaaaa lol nvr ace hood is a weeeeeek mc…..

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