50 Cent wanted Game to “Go Away” in 2006

12 Dec

The ride that 50 Cent had coming into the game was over by 2006. He had just come off of the success of The Massacre and his music was over-saturating the airwaves. Right before the takeover of 2005, 50 had began feuding with fellow G-Unit member, The Game.

By 2006, 50 Cent was not the figure that he once was. However, The Game was one of the biggest rappers. Robert Greene, the co-author of The 50th Law, said that 50 had come to him with advice about the feud. He said that he was impressed by the way that 50 handled the feud, plotting instead of going off of raw emotion.

Greene said that 50 Cent wanted a way for the feud to end without ending both his career and the career of The Game. Initially, a peace conference was held where both rappers attended and shook hands. Some thought that the feud had ended then. But, shots continued to be fired.

Before the end of 2005, The Game had left G-Unit and the G-Unit label. As an independent artist, he began an onslaught of disses aimed at 50 Cent and his crew. There have been many times that Game has announced truces that have never come to be. Also, there have been times where both rappers said that they were through with the back and forth.

In the time since their feud began, Game has associated himself with Irv Gotti and Ja Rule of Murder Inc., Fat Joe, Nas, and other rappers that have issues with 50 Cent. Despite this, Game recently said that he was willing to end his almost five-year feud with 50 Cent. Recently, 50 sent a series of disses towards Game on his album, Before I Self Destruct.

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