Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth” will be released in 2010

10 Dec

After the year that Lil Wayne had in 2008, he felt that he had done all that he possibly could for hip hop. He felt that it was time to branch out into a new genre. For 2009, Lil Wayne had hoped to release a rock album, Rebirth.

The title symbolized the rebirth of Lil Wayne’s career as he moved from rap into rock. After the release of the first single, “Prom Queen,” Wayne revealed that the album will not be simply a rock album. Instead, he dubbed the album as experimental.

Initially, Lil Wayne had hoped to release Rebirth in the first half of 2009 to focus on the Young Money album and Tha Carter IV. The only problem with his plans was the fact that Universal Records was not on board. They felt that Wayne should follow up his 2008 album with another rap album to keep his wave going.

After Rebirth, Wayne had planned to move right back into rap music. Because they did not support the album, Universal did little to promote the album. A few months ago, Lil Wayne announced that he was finished with Rebirth and he was now working on Tha Carter IV. Since his plans to release an album for each half of the year failed, he hoped to release both albums on the same day.

However, his recording process with his fourth Carter album began to take longer than expected. Because of that, he decided to save that album for 2010. Meanwhile, he moved Rebirth and the Young Money album to November release dates. As November approached, he announced that the Young Money album would be packaged into Rebirth.

The end result would be a double album called Rebirth released as Lil Wayne’s seventh studio album. The release date was set for a December 15, 2009 release. Recently, it was revealed that both albums would be released separately on December 22, 2009. Only days ago, Lil Wayne released a new single from Rebirth, “On Fire.” It has also failed to make traction.

Now that Lil Wayne sells records, an album will be released from him before the end of 2009. His album with Young Money, We Are Young Money, will be released on December 22, 2009. However, Rebirth will not see an official release until sometime in 2010. This likely means that he will again try to release one album at the beginning of the year and the other towards the end.

There are three Lil Wayne albums to look for. Coming out on Young Money/Cash Money/Universal, the albums are We Are Young Money, coming December 22, 2009, then Rebirth, coming sometime in the first quarter of 2010, then, finally Tha Carter IV, coming in the third or fourth quarter of 2010.

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