Jay-Z plans Posse Cut for “Empire State of Mind (remix)”?

9 Dec

The fall of 2009 has been dominated by Jay-Z. This is what he does when he comes out with an album. However, this time around, he did this with a single, not an album. “Empire State of Mind” has changed things for Jay-Z.

As long as Jay-Z has been in the game, he had never topped the Billboard Hot 100. With this single, the third from his eleventh studio album, The Blueprint 3, Jay-Z finally reached that point.

With success comes envy. For almost a decade, 50 Cent has been trying to bait Jay-Z into a feud. Unlike Jay-Z, he came into the game and posted two number one singles. Under his belt, 50 has three. The recent feud between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z has caused 50 Cent to jump into the feud. He has been dissing Jay-Z on his album, Before I Self Destruct and he has dared him to respond in numerous interviews.

The closest thing to a response came at the American Music Awards when Jay-Z bragged about his album sales. Using his catch phrase, Hov boased “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” With The Blueprint 3, Jay-Z topped the charts and the sales kept coming. 50 Cent, on the other hand, received his first flop with Before I Self Destruct.

Not long after the exchange between Jay-Z and 50 Cent, Beanie Sigel revealed that Jay had plans of uniting with Nas to go at both him and 50. Early track listings for The Blueprint 3 has Nas listed as the guest vocalist. However, when the song was leaked, it was revealed to be a ballad between Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

Since he and Keys came together for a “sequel” there have been rumors of a remix. Seeing how Nas was supposed to appear on the original track, it was assumed that he would appear on this track. Then, Beanie Sigel revealed the diss record plans and most assumed that the diss would be coming on this track.

Only days ago, SOHH reported that 50 Cent may appear on the remix to this track with Nas. Jay-Z is known for pulling power moves and doing the unexpected. There have been times before that he was expected to go at his opponents hard and all he did was unite hip hop. He has the type of legacy that everyone respects. Lil Wayne wanted to feud with Jay-Z, but he was glad that they collaborated instead.

50 Cent is the same way. He wants to feud with Jay-Z, but would appreciate being on one of his singles more than anything else. Many times before, Jay has ended what were seemingly never-ending feuds. He and 50 Cent have an issue and 50 Cent has an issue with Nas. It would not take much for Jay to allow this to end.

With “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z paid homage to Frank Sinatra and he paid homage to Nas’ “NY State of Mind.” But, for the longest time, the ultimate New York anthem was Ja Rule’s “New York.” Early in his career, Ja Rule and Jay-Z appeared on many songs together, along with DMX. For years, rumors of a reunion have been thrown around. To date, one has yet to come, but it might.

Jay-Z and DMX are also involved in a feud, but it would not take much for this feud to be ended. Jay-Z is known for making power moves and ending feuds. It is possible that Jay-Z does the impossible and recruits such artists as Memphis Bleek and Cam’ron to record an “Empire State of Mind (remix).” At one point or another, all of these rappers have had hits.

If Jay-Z is getting Nas and 50 Cent for a remix to his single, he may do an “I Declare War” and get Nas, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Memphis Bleek, DMX, and Cam’ron to all appear on an “Empire State of Mind (remix).”

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