Beanie Sigel will return to Hardcore Roots on “The Closure”

9 Dec

At Roc-A-Fella Records, it was a well-known fact that Jay-Z was number one at the label. He was the CEO of the label, the flagship artist and a well-respected rapper. But, outside of Jay, there was not much of an identity for the label. There was no consistent number two.

When the 2000s rolled in, Jay-Z had tried to make Memphis Bleek into that consistent number two. Those plans were foiled by a lack of consistency from Bleek, himself. As far as lyrical ability went, the number two was Beanie Sigel.

His music was a favorite among those who love hardcore rap. Having commercial appeal meant that Jay-Z could not be as raw as he would have liked to have been. Beanie Sigel never reached that level of commercial success, so he said whatever he liked to on his album. Beanie’s music was criticized for being a little “too real.”

Those who had hoped for Beanie Sigel becoming a consistent number two to Jay-Z cited that as the reason that he never did reach that level. A lot of the reasons that he is upset with Jay-Z stem from things such as this. There have been times where Beans had attempted to go commercial. His 2005 single, “Don’t Stop,” talked about the street life, but the structure of the song was built for Billboard.

When Beanie Sigel tried to make this crossover, he alienated his original fan base and he was not embraced by pop music. Going commercial does not work for every rapper. For others, it works for a little while, then the backlash comes. Then, there are some that fail at crossing over before finally reaching that peak.

The third is what Beanie Sigel had hoped for. His fourth album, The Solution, featued yet another attempt from Beanie to cross over. At the time, R. Kelly was still on top of the pop charts. Working with him guaranteed the featured artist a hit. In 2007, Beanie Sigel released his single, “All the Above.” The song failed to become a hit, further alienating his original fan base.

In the time since that album, Beanie Sigel finds himself without a label and working to win back over his original fans. Out of frustration, he has sparked a feud with his former boss, Jay-Z. For support, he has reached out to 50 Cent. There is a slight possibility that Beanie Sigel may end up signing with 50’s label, G-Unit Records.

Regardless of the label situation, Beanie Sigel will be releasing a new studio album in 2010. The album will be called The Closure. This means that he will be wrapping up his issues with Roc-A-Fella on this album. He has been off of the label for a year, but he will officially be off of the Roc after the release of this album. He is going to talk, in-depth, about what actually went down.

Also, this album will be his last to have “the” as the title. Each of his previous album begin with “the” in the title. All releases after this one will begin with something else. Before the end of 2010, Beanie Sigel will be releasing his fifth studio album, The Closure.

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