Kanye West gets “Album of the Decade”

8 Dec

With all of the negative press surrounding Kanye West, he took some much-needed time off to rebuild his career. His interruption of Taylor Swift has almost cost him his entire career. Initially, West said that he would not apologize for his actions, but he has.

Kanye West has gone from being a well-respected member of the music industry to being ridiculed. All of the negativity following him around has forced him into hiding. Initially, the rapper had planned to release an album this year. However, to save his album from flopping, West is waiting for all of the attention to move elsewhere for the time being.

For three months, Kanye West has been out of the public eye. Recently, he did make news, however. He has not taken any more mics and he has not been insulted by country music artists. Instead, Kanye is being rewarded for his work. Despite all of the anger towards him, he is great at what he does.

Entertainment Weekly recently awarded Kanye West the number one spot in their “Album of the Decade” list. His album, The College Dropout, was voted as the top album of the entire decade over such favorites as Jay-Z’s The Blueprint. This year did not turn out exactly the way that Kanye West hoped, but he is still number one for the entire decade.

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