Common and Kanye West to do a Collaboration Album

8 Dec

Taking time off to do some acting, Common has big plans of returning to hip hop. Next year, he has plans of releasing not one, but two albums in 2010. One will be his solo album, The Believer and the second one will be an album with Kanye West.

Ever since 2004, Common has been a signed artist to West’s label, GOOD Music. He has received critical acclaim from his music since he first signed to the label. When he made the switch, Kanye West also began handling his albums.

While Common’s last three albums have been heavily-influenced by Kanye West, he has yet to really do an album with his fellow Chicagoan. This will change in the near future. Recently, Common revealed that he and West will be recording an album together.

There is no title for the album, as of yet, but it will be coming before the end of 2010. When describing this album, Common said that they will be combining to bring “pure hip hop.” He said that their collaboration album will be just as raw as it gets. While he hopes to release his next solo album during the summer of 2010, there is no set date for this album.

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