Sheek Louch confirms Bad Boy reunion

7 Dec

Ever since The L.O.X. revealed that they were working on a new album, many have hinted at their return to Bad Boy Records. Rumors broke of a reunion between The L.O.X. and Bad Boy during the spring.

These rumors proved to be false when it was revealed that they were still under contract by Interscope Records. In September, Diddy was able to work out a deal with Atlantic Records to move Bad Boy over to Interscope. Soon after the label switch, he revealed that he was ready to build this imprint.

Immediately after switching the labels over, Diddy moved Red Cafe, Mase, and Cassie. The other acts have stayed on the label, while Day26 and Yung Joc ended up leaving Bad Boy. Under this new deal with Interscope, Diddy has expressed interest in signing a lot of acts, but The L.O.X. are the first ones to sign over.

With Bad Boy being under Interscope, it became a lot easier for this deal to be made. Their upcoming album, which is currently without a title, will be released in 2010 on D-Block, Ruff Ryders, Bad Boy, and Interscope Records. This time around, Sheek Louch says that things will be different.

He said that the reason that they were taken advantage of during their first stint on the label was because of their lack of business knowledge. Almost thirteen years later, they have learned the ends and outs of the business and they realize that Diddy is a gifted businessman. If they work with him the right way, they can make a lot of money with this new album.

The return of The L.O.X. to Bad Boy Records signals the official end to the feud between Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch towards Diddy.

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