Rakim speaks on Album Delays

7 Dec

Before the release of The Seventh Seal only weeks ago, it had been ten years since the release of Rakim’s last solo album. A lot of things transpired in between that time. He switched record labels three times and he has had many false starts.

Nine years ago, he signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. The deal was looked at as one of the most historic in hip hop. By many, Rakim is hailed as one of the greatest rappers and Dr. Dre has been hailed as the greatest producer in the game.

However, when Rakim signed to Aftermath, Dr. Dre was focusing all of his energy on the rising star of Eminem. When things finally did cool down with Eminem, the label went out and signed 50 Cent. Rakim’s album was supposed to come in 2002, but promotion for 50 began that same year.

Two years of waiting was enough for Rakim and he left the label, but on good terms. It would be five more years before any information was revealed about his new project. In 2007, the album was supposed to be released. Label politics forced the album to be pushed back for two more years.

Two months before 2010, the album was finally released. The long time in between albums has a lot of people asking the same question. Rakim said that it always takes him a while to record his albums. Usually, this is more than a year that it takes him. But, the issue with Dr. Dre ruined his creativity.

With the constant push-backs of his album, Rakim was forced to re-record the album several times over. He landed a secure deal for his Ra Records, which also took up a great portion of his time. On his previous two albums, Rakim had the luxury of being just an artist, as opposed to a CEO.

Once he had everything in place, Rakim was finally able to release his album, The Seventh Seal.

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