Nicki Minaj speaks on Debut Album pressure

7 Dec

Regardless of the genre, every artist in music will always say that there is no album like their first album. It is the album that sets the tone for an artist’s entire career. Most of rap’s most prominent figures are known for their debut albums.

Most of the rappers in the game are criticized for their albums not matching up to their debut releases. For years, Ja Rule has been attempting a comeback. Fans only ask of him to create an album that will be similar to his debut album. Similar demands have been made for other rappers.

Badly, Nicki Minaj wants that. Currently, she has no albums under her belt. This will soon change as 2010 moves in. When speaking of her upcoming debut album, Minaj said that she is a perfectionist and she badly wants to create a classic album. Unlike the many one-hit wonders of hip hop, she wants to be around for a while.

Since Nicki Minaj wants to be in hip hop for the long run, she needs to create a classic album. It would be sad if she creates a crappy album to set the tone for the rest of her career. If she comes out of the gate with a classic album, reception for her other releases will receive a boost. The fact that Minaj is on the same label with Lil Wayne and Drake will raise her profile.

There is no set release date for her debut album. Also, there is no confirmed title of her album. However, it is known that Nicki Minaj’s debut album will be released early in 2010 on Young Money and Universal Records.

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