Fabolous will not diss Beanie Sigel

5 Dec

Hip hop is known for controversy, but one artist that has never been in much of it is Fabolous. It was not until he was challenged by Mase that Fab even dissed another rapper. Fab always seemed to have strong relationships with every rapper in the game.

The man known for controversy has been 50 Cent. In only seven years of being known to the public, 50 has feuded with Ja Rule, Nas, Jay-Z, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Kanye West, and Cam’ron. But, this year, 50 Cent has been trying to end some of these feuds. Until recently, it seemed that 50 had given up on feuds.

Fabolous and his Twitter were easily on the way to filling 50 Cent’s void. In September, Fabolous reported that T-Pain dissed Jay-Z. Right after T-Pain dissed Jay-Z in concert, Fab made it clear that he did not approve of this. Then, someone created a fake T-Pain Twitter and dissed Fabolous.

Only minutes after the post, Fabolous posted a Twitter rant that ridiculed Pain’s entire style. On top of all of that, he threatened physical violence against his friend and collaborator if he ever mentioned him again. He realized that this post was not made by T-Pain, but he still posted it as a warning.

The following week, he and T-Pain made up. Later, T-Pain reached out to Jay-Z, apologizing for his comments. After causing what could have been a major feud, Fabolous did not stop. He also made comments about 50 Cent that had 50 ready to go to war. It was after that when Fabolous stopped making his Twitter posts about other artists.

During Fabolous’ Twitter time and the release of his single, “When The Money Goes,” it was revealed that Fabolous is really close to Jay-Z. The situation with T-Pain proved that he was willing to go to war for Hov. Some thought that it was Jay-Z who put him up to posting the Twitter comment about 50 Cent.

For a month, former Roc-A-Fella rapper, Beanie Sigel has been going at Jay-Z. Since Fabolous cares so much about Jay-Z and the fact that he has the biggest mouth through Twitter, it would only make sense that he also jump into this beef. But, on the other side is 50 Cent. Fabolous barely avoided beef with 50 Cent only months ago.

When he was asked about coming to Jay-Z’s side, Fabolous said that he will remain neutral in this feud because this is not his beef. Seemingly, Fab has experienced a change of heart since his outrageous days of the early fall.

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