Mase dissed by underground rapper, Legacy tha Jesus

4 Dec

It is acceptable when a rapper leaves the industry to find God. There have been quite a few rappers to do so. Every now and again, these rappers return to release a new album. Usually, they come back as “clean” rappers. Among these rappers that found God, Mase was one of them, he also returned to the game.

Mase was the flagship artist of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records in the late 1990s. At the time, Mase was the biggest star in rap. In only a matter of months, Combs transformed Mase from one of the most vicious gangsta rappers into a marketable pop rapper. Due to his status as a record producer, Combs had Mase featured on every top song and every remix.

By the time he released his debut album, Mase was a household name. His debut album, Harlem World, would end up going quadruple platinum. The first three singles that he released managed to be top ten hits for the rapper. His start was one of the best in hip hop history. In addition to all of that, his album was well-received.

Despite all of the acclaim, hardcore fans of Mase felt that he had gone soft. In an attempt to regain his original fan base, Mase decided that his next album, Double Up, should be a darker album. In 1999, he began promoting the album. Early in the promotional run for the album, Mase made a shocking announcement. He said that he was retiring from rap.

The rapper revealed that he had found God and he could not promote an album such as the one he had just recorded. Mase left rap and moved to Atlanta. It was here that he became a pastor and started his own church, S.A.N.E. Most people felt that this was a cover-up and that Mase had been ran out of Harlem and rap.

After a five year hiatus from the industry, Mase returned with a profanity-free album, Welcome Back. Even though he was back in the game and back beside Sean Combs, it was clear that he did not want to be. He said that he would never share a stage with Combs again until Combs became saved. That did not happen.

In 2005, Mase and 50 Cent became good friends. It did not take long for 50 Cent to decide that he should sign Mase to G-Unit Records. 50 went to Combs in an attempt to get Mase out of his contract with Bad Boy, each attempt by 50 failed because he was unwilling to free Mase. This led to a feud between 50 Cent and Sean Combs.

Despite the fact that Mase was not signed to G-Unit, he still associated himself with their artists. It was not much longer until he was appearing on G-Unit mixtapes, hosting his own, and wearing products endorsed by 50 Cent. Towards the end of 2006, Mase began distancing himself from 50 and his G-Unit crew.

The following year, he revealed that he no longer had any interest in signing with 50 Cent’s label. Instead, it was rumored that Mase was out of his Bad Boy contract and was preparing to sign with SRC Records. There was even an album rumored to be released in late 2007 from the rapper that was supposed to be called The Suicide Note.

This album never came to be and the biggest news that came from Mase was a rumor about him trying to sleep with a transgendered prostitute. Somewhere along the way, it was clear that Mase was no longer a pastor. There are not too many pastors that would do the things that he was doing and still expect to get into heaven.

Fans and critics, alike, were wondering exactly what was going on with Mase. Earlier this year, he and Sean Combs ended their feud. It was revealed that Mase has been signed to Bad Boy’s new venture under Interscope Records. Soon, Combs gave Mase permission to collaborate with other artists and to record a new album.

In the very near future, Mase plans to begin promoting his new album. This album will be released sometime next year. For this new album, Mase plans to return to his hardcore roots. Everyone knew that it would only be a matter of time before his past finally catches up to him. A lot of things about Mase have been revealed, but there is one man ready to confirm it.

Atlanta rapper, Legacy tha Jesus, was a member of Mase’s S.A.N.E. for three years. In that time, he became very close to the former rap star. He said that Mase avoids doing interviews with certain people so that he does not have to explain exactly what it is that he is doing. Legacy said that Mase would use his congregation to help him fund his rap albums.

The rapper went on to call Mase a hypocrite. He said that Mase would tell the people that he was going to use the money for other things when he was really funding his album. Legacy said that Mase would go to the strip club and “make it rain,” then tell the men to be faithful to their wives. From there, he called Mase a false prophet.

He went on to say that he did not expect a perfect pastor in Mase, but he expects his pastor to be doing better than what Mase is.

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