Hurricane Chris says he is the Best Rapper Alive

4 Dec

In 2003, Jay-Z made a very big claim. He said that he was the best rapper alive. After making those statements, he retired from the game. Upon his retirement, Lil Wayne began saying that he was now the best rapper alive. This led to a minor feud between the two rappers that ended in 2007. The following year, Jay-Z “passed the torch” to Wayne.

Two years ago, Hurricane Chris made his splash into the game. Right out of the gate, he dropped two hits with “A Bay Bay” and “Hand Clap.” This all led up the successful debut of his album, 51/50 Ratchet. While his music was entertaining, no one would exactly say that Hurricane Chris was a good rapper. Truth be told, he was credited as one of the worst rappers of 2007.

This year, he had planned to return with his sophomore album. Due to circumstances, his album was pushed back until next month. In preparation for that, Chris has been making his rounds with various urban media outlets. During an interview with SoJones, the Louisiana rapper said that he is the best rapper alive.

When a rapper has a new album coming out, they always make some sort of outrageous statement. Unlike these rappers, Hurricane Chris has made an attempt to explain himself. Chris said that when it comes to freestyle rap, there is not another rapper that can top him. Chris is a good freestyle rapper, but there are some that are better.

Hurricane Chris will release his next album, Unleashed, in January 2010 on Polo Grounds Music and J Records.

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