Raekwon talks collaboration album Push Back

2 Dec

Back in September, speculation began about a collaboration album that was supposed to take place between Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon. As the weeks went on, hype continued to build. There was even one point where Diddy had offered to sign the rappers to Bad Boy Records in order to release the album.

Anticipation for the album continued to build until Raekwon ended all hope for the album. He said that there was no chance of the album coming. Rae admitted that he would love to record an album with Method Man and Ghostface, but the fact remains that they are on different labels. He said that there would be no problem between Method Man and Ghostface, but he is on another label.

Despite the comments made by Raekwon, fellow Wu-Tang member, RZA said that an album between those three would be classic. He said that he was going to reach out to the three rappers to see if he could produce some tracks for the album. It was after RZA made his statement that hope was renewed about the album coming into actuality.

Initially, the album was slated for release in November. However, as the days got closer, it was revealed that the album had been pushed back. Due to recent label politics, a lot of hip hop albums receive frequent push-backs. A lot of people thought that their Wu Massacre album had suffered that fate.

Raekwon recently spoke on this. He said that the push-back was something that he, Method Man and Ghostface wanted to happen. Rae said that they felt that they did not have enough time to reach their creative peaks in that amount of time. He promised that the album will be better now that it has more time.

While it is still unclear exactly what label will release Wu Massacre, it will be released before the end of 2010.

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