On the Rise: E. Smith

2 Dec

For a long time, not much noise came from North Carolina on the hip hop scene. The first rapper to break through was Greenville native, Petey Pablo. He had a brief run on the charts, but is widely known for his first single, “Raise Up.” Once he blew over, it was years before another rapper from North Carolina made any noise.

Earlier this year, Fayetteville native, J.Cole shocked the hip hop world when he was signed to Roc Nation. His verse on Jay-Z’s “A Star is Born” is considered one of the best verses of 2009. It has set him up for a long and successful career in hip hop. There is another rapper that has been making noise for a while, too.

Like Petey Pablo, E. Smith is a native of Greenville. He has been on the underground hip hop scene for some time, now. Earlier this year, he met Mims, who was out promoting his album, Guilt. He was so impressed with E. Smith that he featured him on his track “Beat It Up Like A Drummer.” While the song did not make it on his album, it received steady buzz in North Carolina. Most importantly, it introduced people to E. Smith. His relationship to Mims led to the rapper signing to his American King Music.

Currently, the label is gearing up to release another album from Mims. After that, E. Smith’s debut album should be released. His first single has already been released. The song is called “Cheerios” and it features Mims. E. Smith’s debut album is supposed to be released sometime in 2010 on American King Music.

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