Jay-Z talks Rocawear and Dame Dash

2 Dec

In the late 1990s, Jay-Z and Dame Dash had mastered hip hop music. They felt that they had done such a great job with the music that they expanded their company into fashion. From 1999 until their 2004 breakup, Jay-Z and Dame Dash ran a successful clothing line in Rocawear. Once he split from Jay-Z, he sold his stake in the line to him for $20 million.

Three years after the split, Jay-Z ended up selling the brand to Iconix Brand Group for over $200 million. Despite the fact that he sold out, he still oversees the operations of the line. When Jay-Z and Dame Dash split from each other, it was on bad terms. Dash said that he could never diss Jay, seeing how much money they made together.

They did make a lot of money together, but Jay-Z had no issues dissing Dash on his past three albums. Because of that, Dame has had some choice words about Jay in recent times. Putting their feud to the side, if only for a minute, Jay-Z did praise Dame Dash for his business skills. It was just that they ran things in a different manner.

During their time together at Rocawear, Jay-Z said that Dame Dash did a great job at running the company. That was never an issue between the two, because the clothing line was always profitable. The problem was the fact that Dash was a very controlling businessman. Jay felt that if the people who worked directly were satisfied, that they should leave it alone. Dash did not feel that way.

Jay-Z said that the idea of the clothing line actually came back in 1997. He saw a lot of his fans wearing the same Iceberg jeans that he was known to wear. Seeing how he was marketing these products for free, he decided that he should be wearing his own stuff and making money off of it. In 1999, he was able to officially launch the clothing brand.

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