Giant Magazine shuts down

2 Dec

After five years of struggle, Giant magazine has been shut down. The magazine was launched in 2004 as a hip hop magazine. Entering a crowded field that was already dominated by The Source, XXL, and Vibe, the magazine struggled. Black media giant, Radio One, purchased Giant in 2007.

Once Radio One took over the magazine, they immediately broadened the interest of it. No longer was the focus simply on hip hop. Soon, the magazine also featured R&B news and other forms of black entertainment. It was taken from being another hip hop magazine to being one more along the lines of Ebony magazine. Still, despite the changes Giant was still losing money.

When Radio One purchased Giant, they only paid $27,000 for it. Despite getting the magazine for cheap, their improvements cost more than they were willing to spend. After two years of losing money, Radio One suspended operations on the print version of the magazine. This makes Giant the second magazine targeting the black audience to go under.

Unlike Vibe, earlier this year, Giant will continue as an online publication. If enough interest generates online, there is a slight possibility that the magazine could return to print. The possibility of that happening is currently very slim, due to economic outlook.

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