Game is working on his Fifth Album, “D.O.C.”

2 Dec

Despite the fact that his album, The R.E.D. Album, has been pushed back until next year, Game is already talking about his fifth studio album, D.O.C. (Diary of Compton). In the past, he has mentioned this album. When he was out promoting LAX, in 2008, Game said that he would retire unless the D.O.C. album came to be.

Because of the fact that he was bored with the rap game and tired of being away from Dr. Dre, Game said that he would call it quits after LAX. He said that three albums would be enough for him to tell his stories. Already with two well-received albums, Game said that he could retire with three classic albums.

After the successful release of LAX, Geffen Records wanted Game to go back in the studio and create another album. Realizing that it would take a lot to get exactly what he wanted, he reached out to Cool & Dre and began recording an album that he called The R.E.D. Album. Initially, he said that he would not retire if he could have the D.O.C. album and work with all of the West Coast legends.

Seemingly, he gave up on that dream to record this album. Towards the end of 2009, Game completed The R.E.D. Album and was preparing to release the album in December. But, in October, it was revealed that he had reunited with Dr. Dre. On top of all of that, Game chose to release his album on Aftermath/Interscope.

With his album complete, but being back with Dr. Dre, Dre had to put his touch on the album. Seeing how Dr. Dre works at a slow pace, the album was pushed back until February of 2010. With most of The R.E.D. Album completed, Game has had time to work on his fifth studio album.

In order to reunite with Dr. Dre, Game broke his contract with Geffen Records. He still owes them one more album. His upcoming album will be his first in his new contract with Interscope, but he has unfinished business at Geffen Records. D.O.C. will be the final album in Game’s contract.

Already, Game has announced that he has worked with Ice Cube. Also set to appear on this album will be Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. When discussing Diary of Compton, Game said that he wants this album to reflect Compton in its truest form. Not only would this be his last album on Geffen Records, but his last album with Interscope-Geffen-A&M Music Group.

With promotion set to begin for The R.E.D. Album, plans for D.O.C. are on hold. But, after he is done with promotion for that album, Game is going all in for D.O.C. Next year will probably see Game release The R.E.D. Album in February and Diary of Compton later on in the year.

One Response to “Game is working on his Fifth Album, “D.O.C.””

  1. banda March 3, 2010 at 5:47 am #

    Thanks for the info here. Pretty cool Game, I am a big fan of his being from the CPT/LB area.

    Looking forward in listening the Red Album. Gotta look for it since I have been so busy working.


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