Diddy snitched on Shyne

2 Dec

Back in 1999, right after the release of his debut album, Shyne got into an altercation in a New York City nightclub. It was reported that a gun was fired and it was the Bad Boy rapper that had pulled the trigger. In attendance with Shyne was Sean Combs, better known as Diddy, and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

Many felt that the entire situation was odd. Some thought that Shyne had taken the fall for Diddy. It was never explained, but right after he was sent to prison, a feud began between Shyne and his former boss. Recently, Shyne was speaking in Belize about what happened. He accepted full responsibility.

Still, when he was preparing for his prison release, Diddy said that he was glad that Shyne was coming out and he said that the two had talked. In response to that, Shyne said that they had never talked. He went on to diss the Bad Boy honcho. The rapper’s recent talk sheds a bit of light on why he and Diddy do not get along.

According to Shyne, it was Diddy who revealed him to be the gunman that night. It turns out that the reason that Diddy and Jennifer Lopez were released from jail was because they turned him in. That, not taking the fall, is the reason that he has an issue with Diddy. Had he not told on Shyne, they would have kept him, too.

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