50 Cent talks ThisIs50.com

2 Dec

Had 50 Cent not decided to create his hip hop website, ThisIs50.com, he would have not been as relevant as he is today. At the time, he was trying to find a successful single to launch his 2007 album, Curtis. If ThisIs50.com had not launched when it did and became another place for him to promote himself, the album would not have sold as well as it did.

Surprisingly, 50 Cent admitted to this, himself. He said that the younger generations of music listeners are moving to the internet to receive their news. Plus, they come to the internet to hear new music. If he has a site that delivers both, his site is going to generate traffic. If 50 Cent is able to drop in some exclusive news and music from himself, his music will benefit.

In October, 50 Cent accidentally helped Fat Joe and his album. First, once the album leaked, he pretended to be rushed to the hospital. That was the first news that most had heard about Fat Joe’s album since 2008. Then, once the album flopped, 50 Cent had the record sales posted on ThisIs50.com. Whether he liked it or not, 50 Cent helped to promote Fat Joe with the site, then.

Watching people like Soulja Boy and his success, 50 Cent felt that this was the right move to make in order to progress his career. With the frequent changes of the internet, 50 Cent promised that his site will also begin to make changes. ThisIs50.com has risen to become one of the top hip hop websites in only two years of existence. The format has been copied by a lot of sites.

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