Newz is hoping to revive Murder Inc.

1 Dec

What was now a long time ago, Murder Inc. was on top of the hip hop world. Their biggest star was Ja Rule, he also happened to be the biggest rapper in the game. The biggest female act on the label was Ashanti and she happened to be the biggest female act in the game. But, behind the diss records of one rapper, 50 Cent, interest left the label.

From 2000 until 2003, there was no label that was hotter than Murder Inc. However, their feud with 50 Cent removed them from the top. There have been times where the label has returned to relevance. In 2004, Ja Rule had a top five single and a platinum album. During that same timeframe, Ashanti also had hits and great record sales.

But, as it seemed that they had moved past their feuds, more trouble came when their federal investigation led to Def Jam ending all association with Murder Inc. That meant that there was not a label to distribute releases from Murder Inc. It would take two years for Irv Gotti to find another distributor for Murder Inc.

The year of 2007 was supposed to be the year of Murder Inc., but things did not go as planned and they returned to obscurity. The following year, their deal with Universal Motown expired with no profit being made. As far back as May, Irv Gotti has hinted at the possibility of moving the label to Atlantic Records for him to take an executive position.

Ever since 2007, Gotti has been working with rapper, Newz, of Brooklyn. Newz has been the head of his own label, Blok Gang Entertainment, for three years. In 2008, they signed an exclusive distribution deal with Murder Inc. Records, with Newz being the grand prize. For two years, he has been hard at work on his debut album, Hunting Season.

With this new album, currently set for an early 2010 release, Newz has worked with Game, Ja Rule, and Jadakiss. As far as production goes, he has worked with some of the in-house producers of Murder Inc. If he is able to get these tracks to make his official track listing and he is able to receive the proper attention, the album will be successful.

If Newz is able to have success with his debut album, he will have returned success to a Murder Inc. label that is in terrible need of some fresh blood.

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