Mims speaks on Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z, New Album, and Capitol Records

1 Dec

Recently, Mims talked about the current state of hip hop. Anyone vaguely interested in hip hop knows about the unexpected feud between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z. Because of this, other rappers in the game have been asked about the situation. Coming off of the release of his second album, Mims has a third in the works. Along with that, he has his own record label and he is signed to Capitol Records.

When he was asked about the situation between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z, Mims said that it was a shame that their relationship went sour. But, he praised the lyrical ability of both, saying that a lyrical battle between the two rappers would be great for hip hop. He went on to say that he hopes that things remain lyrical between the former friends. Mims wrote off their feud as nothing more than a fight between family members.

Only months after the release of his album, Guilt, Mims revealed that he was already working on his third album. Initially, he had announced that the album would come in December, but that is unlikely. But, Mims did say that he was working on a new album. Continuing the formula of his last two albums, he is working with up-and-coming producers, but he is recording this album alone.

In 2006, Mims launched American King Music, when he signed to Capitol Records, they also became the official distributor of his label. After the lack of promotion behind his last album, there were rumors of Mims being upset with Capitol. Mims revealed that he had a few artists signed to his American King label. Among those acts is Greenville, North Carolina rapper, E. Smith.

While not saying that he was ready to leave Capitol Records, he expressed interest in leaving the label for a better distribution deal for American King. He said that a lot of independent artists are doing better than artists signed to major labels because they are receiving more of their profits. Because of that, Mims expressed interest in possibly leaving Capitol for an independent label. He still said that no label has supported him the way that Capitol has.

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