Is Q da Kid still with Def Jam?

1 Dec

Towards the end of 2008, Def Jam began promoting a new rapper on their label named Q da Kid. He was supposed to be the first rapper of the new generation, leading Def Jam and New York hip hop. However, as 2009 rolled in, Jermaine Dupri was ousted from his job at the label. Dupri was the main executive behind Q da Kid.

In January of 2009, he was supposed to release his debut album, It Was All A Dream. The album was supposed to be one of those classic debuts. These announcements were made in late 2008, but the year of 2009 has rolled by. There has been almost no news at all about Q da Kid. However, he was featured in Hip Hop Quake in their short-lived “Who’s Got Next” section back in August.

Now, it is going on one year that Q da Kid has been ready to release his debut album. It is going on two years that he has been with the label. In that time, all that he has to his name is one single that failed to become a hit. Right now, Def Jam is struggling, they need all of the hits that they can get. If there is an unproven artist, such as Q, they do not have the time to work with them.

Def Jam is in search of established artists and Q da Kid is far from established. Any dead weight on the label has been removed. With all of this happening, it is a safe assumption to think that Q da Kid may be off of the label. But, is Q da Kid still with Def Jam?

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