50 Cent explains Fat Joe beef and Victory

1 Dec

In 2004, 50 Cent’s arch-rival, Ja Rule made his comeback. Quickly, he was able to rebuild his fan base. First, he released the single for the pop charts, “Wonderful,” which was a top five single. Later, he came out with “New York,” which became an anthem for the streets. The success of those singles led to Ja Rule’s album going platinum.

The entire time that Rule was out rebuilding his career, 50 Cent was watching. What he noticed with the “New York” track was Fat Joe and Jadakiss’ appearance. At the time, Fat Joe was still riding the success of “Lean Back,” while Jadakiss always had the love from the streets. 50 Cent saw this as two rappers coming to help Ja Rule get back to the top.

50 Cent said that Fat Joe feels a sense of loyalty to Ja Rule and Irv Gotti and that he always will because of his 2002 hit, “What’s Luv?” That song would end up being Fat Joe’s most successful single. It featured a chorus from Ja Rule and Ashanti. Along with that, Irv Gotti produced the song.

When the chips were down for Ja Rule, Fat Joe had to do something. But, in the mind of 50, he had taken sides in the Ja Rule beef. That, not the diss that Rule sent to Lloyd Banks on the song, is the reason that he mentioned Fat Joe in “Piggy Bank.” He said that had he not began dissing Joe, he would have fell from relevance after the release of his album.

50 Cent credited himself for Fat Joe staying relevant as long as he did. He said that the feud that Fat Joe had with him kept him in the public eye. While 50 was being asked about his musical projects, Fat Joe would be asked about 50 Cent. He said that Fat Joe was relived when 50 shifted his focus from him to Rick Ross, but then he realized that he had no hype surrounding his album.

While explaining this, 50 Cent credited this as the “death blow.” Fat Joe trading disses with 50 Cent kept him in the public eye, but when 50 shifted to Ross, there was no attention pointed in his direction, anymore. Then, his album came out and it only sold 8,000 copies. That was when he officially won his feud with Fat Joe.

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