Shyne speaks on Prison Time

30 Nov

For eight years, Shyne was in prison, many thought that he had taken the fall for his former boss, Sean Combs. Almost right after Shyne’s prison sentence, a feud broke out between he and Combs. For years, Shyne and his fans blamed Combs for his being behind bars. Now, the rapper has finally assumed responsibility for what happened.

Never before had Shyne spoke directly about being in prison. During most of his time there, he always said that he was ready to get out. He would always talk about the new music he was working on and who he was working with. Then, other rappers would talk about their visits with Shyne while he was in prison.

Back in September, Sean Combs had claimed to have talked to Shyne over the phone. He confirmed that their so-called feud never existed. Combs also said it was possible that the rapper may return to Bad Boy. The next day, Shyne came right back, stating that he and Combs had never talked and that the feud was still on.

Despite the diss, Sean Combs did not respond in a negative manner. When he was deported last month, Combs said that it was a shame. He felt that Shyne deserved to stay in America, especially after serving those eight years in prison. Recently, Shyne spoke on the entire situation and took the blame, again.

Recently, when speaking on the prison time, Shyne said that he got what he deserved. He said that he learned his lesson during his time in prison and that was something that he will never do again. Shyne admitted to shooting a gun in the club, he said that he did it and that it was a terrible mistake.

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