Maino is the New Face of New York

30 Nov

Ever since 50 Cent burst onto the scene in 2003, hip hop pundits have been waiting for another rapper to take the crown. In the 1990s, artists such as LL Cool J hit slumps and then Jay-Z came and became the most popular act from New York. Some ten years later, Jay-Z is still New York’s biggest rap act, but he is aging. Outside of Jay, the rest of New York is slumping.

There has not much talk about the decline of New York hip hop until Nas released his 2006 album, Hip Hop Is Dead. Once that album was released, many hip hop magazines began searching for that next “king of New York.” It was assumed that 50 Cent’s time had passed and that Jay-Z and Nas were too old.

Initially, there was a lot of hype surrounding 2006 standouts Saigon and Papoose, they were supposed to take over when they released their albums in 2007. The only problem was the fact that they did not release an album in 2007. Mims, on the other hand, topped the Billboard Hot 100 and released his debut album in 2007. After those flops, some began to hype Mims and others followed Jae Millz.

While all of this was going on, Maino was out trying to release his album on Universal Records. Since he was from New York, he knew Saigon, Papoose, Mims, and Jae Millz. At one time or another, he had the chance to work with all of those rappers. Despite him being one of the most consistent mixtape rappers, there was no hype or attention thrown in Maino’s direction.

During the summer of 2008, he released his single, “Hi Hater.” The song’s catchy vibe and creative theme made it into a hit. During the summer of 2009, Maino’s debut album If Tomorrow Comes…, was released. The album did not sell many copies, but he did score another hit with “All The Above” featuring T-Pain.

Now, with 2010 looming closer, Maino has plans of releasing his second studio album. His singles are hits and very soon he may become a platinum rapper. When that happens, he will become the face of hip hop. Currently, with the way that Maino is climbing, with the streets behind him, he is the face of New York hip hop.

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