Ja Rule had planned to release a Rock Album in 2003

30 Nov

The rap game had become easy to Ja Rule in 2002. He had come to realize that everything that he touched would turn to gold. One of Rule’s videos featured Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, because of that Whitney’s album sold and Brown returned to the public eye because of their “Thug Lovin’” collaboration. On his 2002 album, The Last Temptation, Rule said he may leave rap.

At the time, he was on top of the rap world. There was nothing more for Ja Rule to prove. His 2002 album is considered the worst in his entire career. There is nothing wrong with the music besides the fact that he did not put much effort into it. He was more focused on doing movies and promoting his brand. But, some of the tracks on the album featured elements of rock music. Had he put more effort into that, he could have been on to something.

The next year, 50 Cent fully emerged and Ja Rule had to shift his focus to killing that buzz. As hard as he tried, his team still lost. But, Rule recently revealed that he was indeed growing tired of hip hop. He blames that on the sound of The Last Temptation, but he said if the 50 Cent feud had never gotten as big as it did, he would have recorded a rock-inspired album and released it in 2003.

But, once he was baited by 50 Cent, he felt the need to come forth with a hardcore album like Blood In My Eye. Had 50 Cent never came onto the scene and ended Ja Rule’s run the way that he had, Rule would have come with the rock album. If this had happened, what would Lil Wayne be doing right now?

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