50 Cent to allow Young Buck to release an album

30 Nov

Last spring, when 50 Cent revealed that Young Buck was no longer a part of the G-Unit group, most people assumed that a feud would follow. Those assumptions proved right when Young Buck began releasing a series of disses aimed at 50 Cent and anyone close to him. Most people thought that 50 Cent would block Buck from releasing any more albums.

When their feud was still fairly new, 50 Cent bragged about his power and he said that Young Buck still has to turn his album into him before it is released. 50 had said that no matter what, he would block any album that Buck tried to create. That was, unless he tried reaching out to him and apologizing. At the time, that seemed unlikely.

However, as this year progressed, Young Buck and Game apologized to G-Unit. Tony Yayo accepted the apology of Buck and went on to diss Game. Preparing to begin the promotion of his new album, Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent dissed Young Buck and Game. He later recorded the track, “So Disrespectful” that sent disses to Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, B.G., Young Buck, and Game.

Later, 50 Cent went on to say that he was willing to release Young Buck from his contract with the G-Unit label. He said that all Buck has to do is get a hot single out and make him back all of the money that he had invested in Young Buck. 50 Cent said this in a jokingly manner, but is now serious. He said that Young Buck just has to make a hot album, then he is free to go.

Young Buck’s camp must be happy with this news, but they have yet to respond. Earlier this year, Young Buck expressed interest in being released from G-Unit Records to return to Juvenile’s UTP Records.

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