50 Cent explains photo with Rick Ross’ son

30 Nov

Last week, 50 Cent sparked controversy when he took pictures with the son of his rival, Rick Ross. Many saw that move as very disrespectful and it took things way too far. But, 50 Cent said that nothing is off limits in this feud with Rick Ross. He pointed out the time that Ross had photo-shopped a picture of his son.

Later, 50 Cent did admit that things did seem to get too out of hand, but he reminded the people that he did not start this feud. 50 pointed out that it was Rick Ross that fired the first shot, talking about 50’s baby mama issues. Because of that, 50 questioned why no one was upset at Ross when he made those comments on “Mafia Music.”

As the feud went back and forth, each rapper recorded diss records. Before long, however, 50 Cent was using his social network, ThisIs50.com, as a tool in the feud. He began posting videos on the site that taunted Rick Ross for his past as a correctional officer. Those videos were a part of a web series called “Officer Ricky.”

50 Cent said that it was during this time that members of Rick Ross’ camp had contacted the mother of 50 Cent’s son about a possible meeting. He said that the only problem was the fact that he found out about it and stopped the meeting from happening. Had the meeting taken place, 50 was sure that Rick Ross would have taken pictures with his son.

So, what he did was an act of self-defense and a tough response.

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