Saigon to release Debut Album in 2010

29 Nov

Every year since 2005 was supposed to bring about the release of Saigon’s debut album. Originally, the album was titled The Greatest Story Never Told. The album was said to be a cross of all of the classic albums before it. With this album, New York hip hop was supposed to return to prominence and Saigon was supposed to be the new king.

The album was supposed to solidify the marriage of Saigon, the hottest underground rapper in the game and Just Blaze, the hottest producer in the game. After Def Jam refused to grant Just his own record label, he reached a deal with Atlantic Records to create Fort Knocks Entertainment. The first two artists signed were Saigon, the rapper, and Chicago singer, Dave Young.

What was supposed to happen was Saigon releasing The Greatest Story Never Told. The album was supposed to give birth to the next hip hop dynasty. But, once the release date neared, Atlantic pushed the album back. Before long, 2005 had turned into 2008 and no album ever came. Saigon said that the label only promoted “ringtone” rappers.

Repeatedly, Atlantic Records had promised Just Blaze and Saigon that the album would come “soon” and begged them not to leave the label. Reluctantly, they stayed year after year. But, in May 2008, Just Blaze had enough and he left Atlantic Records. Soon, there were rumors of Saigon signing with Roc Nation. Those rumors proved to be false, but he did promise an album.

Since his debut album never came, Saigon continued to flood the mixtape scene. Now, 2010 is coming and Saigon is promising that his debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told, will be coming, too. He is currently looking for a label that is willing to release his album.

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