Joe Budden is the Most Hated man in Hip Hop

29 Nov

Checking the history of hip hop, it would be hard to find another artist that has been disrespected as much as, or in the ways that Joe Budden has. New artists, current popular hip hop artists, and artists from the old school have all had something negative to say about Joe Budden. He has been abused so much that he has refused to take part in hip hop feuds.

There was a time when Joe Budden was full of rage and ready to take on any rapper that tried him. Early in his career, he was feuding with 50 Cent and G-Unit. That later led to a feud with The Game. In 2003, he began feuding with Jay-Z and in 2008; he began feuding with Ransom, his former collaborator.

Despite how hard he tried, Budden lost each war. After losing that many in a row, he lost respect and became a joke on such hip hop sites as SOHH. Once a rapper loses credibility there, they lose credibility within the hip hop circuit. After his feud with Ransom, Budden started Joe Budden TV. It was not long after that, he began a feud with Saigon and lost.

On his internet series, Joe Budden has a lot to say about a lot of people. Sheek Louch, of The L.O.X., said that Budden has a great idea with the series, but he will have to face these people in person one day. Some of the things that he said on Joe Budden TV led to feuds with Busta Rhymes and Method Man.

It seems like every rapper disses Joe Budden. Some of the most-clowned rappers in the game usually receive more respect than Joe Budden. His image is so bad within hip hop that many people forget how good of a rapper that he is. Without a doubt, Joe Budden is the most hated man in hip hop.

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