50 Cent blames multiple leaks for low Album Sales

29 Nov

Coming into the 2009 release of Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent boasted that he may have his highest first week debut in his career. Repeatedly, he promoted this album as the best of each of his albums. Because of that, he felt that the album was going to sell very well. However, a month before the release of the album, it leaked to the internet.

The official internet release of Before I Self Destruct came a week before the album and the album debuted at number one on iTunes. However, when the actual album came, sales were below 160,000. Never in his career had 50 Cent ever sold that few of copies. He had called his last album, Curtis, a flop, but in actuality, it was not. This album, however, is.

After the numbers were made public, 50 Cent’s main rivals, Game and Rick Ross began laughing at him because of his low album sales. Game said that it was karma and it was a sign that 50’s career is almost over. Rick Ross went as far as to say that the low sales of Before I Self Destruct signaled the end of his career. Both rappers suggested that he retire now.

Never one to back down, 50 Cent pointed out the fact that he was facing some stiff competition and the economy is struggling. He then went on to point out the fact that his album was leaked a full month before its actual release. 50 asserted that many people just got the album for free off of the internet. He said that Jay-Z would have suffered the same fate had his stuff leaked a month in advance.

Also, 50 Cent pointed out the fact that the album had faced a year of push-backs and many album leaks in the past. In the end, he feels that his album will be well-received.

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