“Power of the Dollar” is 50 Cent’s masterpiece

29 Nov

A lot of hip hop critics love to say that 50 Cent is no longer selling records because he went soft after his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. The thing is, 50 Cent’s debut album was not his 2003 album on Interscope Records.

In 1998, 50 Cent was released from prison and he formed G-Unit Records. The following year, he signed with Columbia Records and began recording Power of the Dollar.

Many albums have been hailed as classics. Most of the prominent rappers of today’s times are best-known for their debut albums. People say that Jay-Z and Nas will never out-do their debut releases. In their cases, their debut albums laid the groundwork for the rest of their careers. 50 Cent is no different. The casual hip hop fan will always say that his 2003 debut was the best album of his career.

If a person was to hear Get Rich or Die Tryin’, it is easy to hear his hunger and his desire to make it in the game. The album is best described as a raw, urban tale of the life that he lived and the life that he wants to live. However, the truth is, this album is watered-down compared to the album that he had planned to release in 2000.

This album was 1999-2000 hip hop at its best. Right before 50 Cent was shot; this album was his plea to be removed from this life of selling drugs. He leaves everything right there, for everyone to see. If there was any doubt before, listening to that album proves that 50 Cent’s life was far from fair. People hail albums, such as Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt as classic tales of street life.

50 Cent’s Power of the Dollar was Reasonable Doubt and then some. It was before all of the high-dollar beats from Eminem and Dr. Dre. Every track on that album was produced by the Trackmasters. Just like Jay-Z, but only in a grittier way, 50 Cent told of what he did to survive in the harsh environment.

Most rappers sugar-coat things on their albums, they are full of sugar-coating. 50 Cent did not hold anything back on this album. He told about the hood that he came from and exactly what was going on with “Ghetto Qur’an (Forgive Me), Pt. 1.” 50 also told of his plans of becoming rap’s main figure before it was all over with “How to Rob, Pt. 1.”

Where 50 Cent is now known more for his ad-libs and sending out diss records, with his true debut album, he relied on his lyricism. Even though the album was for the streets, he was able to switch things up with such tracks as “Thug Love” and “Material Girl 2000.” Despite those songs being delivered for the females, the stories were told from a gangsta’s perspective.

A lot of people love to talk about the reasons that 50 Cent no longer sells records. They say it is because he went soft. That much is true, but then most people say that he needs to go back to Get Rich or Die Tryin’. He does not need to do that, he needs to display the same lyricism, hunger, and interest that he displayed on Power of the Dollar. 50 does not need to rap about being a thug, just be real and display that and the people will love it.

Had this album been released, as planned, when talking of classic albums, it would definitely be mentioned. Speaking of classic debut albums, people mention 50 Cent’s 2003 album, but it was filled with pop elements, too. Power of the Dollar was not and it would have the acclaim of such albums as Reasonable Doubt had it actually been released.

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