Rick Ross celebrates 50 Cent’s album flop

28 Nov

The low sales of 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct has everyone talking. In every feud that he has ever gotten into, 50 Cent has always bragged about the fact that no one has sold records the way that he has. Throughout his entire career, 50 had never had an album to actually flop. With his latest album, he now has.

Earlier this year, he began a feud with Rick Ross. Despite the popularity of Ross being bigger than that of his, 50 wrote him off. His reason behind that was the fact that in his entire career, Rick Ross has never had an album to go platinum. 50 Cent always bragged that no matter what his albums will always sell.

In the days leading up to the release of his album, 50 taunted the sales of Fat Joe and Rick Ross’ Triple C’s crew. Now, his album failed to even sell 160,000 copies. Because of that, Game, one of 50 Cent’s biggest rivals was already out teasing him. He jokingly pleaded to fans to help 50’s album go gold.

Now, it is Rick Ross’ turn to poke some fun at 50 Cent’s album sales. Back in March, Ross said that 50 Cent’s career is over. By April, he had declared himself the winner in their feud. Since that time, 50 Cent has actually held Ross’ son in his arms and taken pictures with him. Many thought that 50 was wrong for that. Ross did not respond to that.

But, his album sales led to the Miami rapper having plenty to say. He said that 50 Cent’s career is officially over. Rick Ross pointed out the fact that 50 has only released one hot album and the fact that he has been falling off, album by album, ever since his debut. Ross said that the sales of Before I Self Destruct indicate that this is the end of his career.

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