Hurricane Chris talks New Album

28 Nov

During the summer of 2007, Hurricane Chris heated things up with his single, “A Bay Bay.” The song ended up becoming a summer anthem and it made Chris into a star. Later in the year, he released another hit, “Hand Clap.” Following that was the gold debut album, 50/50 Ratchet.

While the album was successful, the label did nothing to keep Hurricane Chris relevant while they prepared a second album. Because of that, Chris was forgotten before the end of 2008. Coming into the next year, Hurricane Chris had to rebuild his entire image. By the time the summer of 2009 came, he had another anthem with “Halle Berry.”

Despite the success of the single, his label never gave him a secure release date. He said that the reason for all of that is the fact that all of the business has not yet been worked out. Initially, his album was supposed to be released this year, but label politics has his Unleashed pushed back until 2010. In its place, Chris will release a mixtape.

For the album, he has collaborated with Beenie Man, Plies, and Mario. Hurricane Chris will be releasing the second single from the album, “Headboard” featuring Mario and Plies. Aside from the album, his mixtape Beat It Out The Frame, will be released before the end of this year. There is currently no set release date for his sophomore album, Unleashed.

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