Beanie Sigel is making a fool out of himself

28 Nov

When Jay-Z was out promoting his eleventh album, The Blueprint 3, there were many people in the hip hop world that wanted to know how the members of the old Roc were feeling about this. There had been rumors of Beanie Sigel being upset with Jay-Z over a number of things, because of that, everyone wanted to hear what he had to say.

Only one week after the album came out, Beanie Sigel spoke on everything that was Jay-Z and everything that was Roc-A-Fella Records. He said that he was very happy for Jay and that he had his own copy of The Blueprint 3. When asked about the quality of the album, Sigel said that he had only heard the intro, but he was sure that the album was better than American Gangster.

Throughout the interview, Beanie Sigel made it clear that he was not associated with Jay-Z. He was asked about a new album and he said that he wanted to begin working on one. When asked about people that he wanted to work with, he said Jay-Z. Also, Beans was asked about the other artists that were signed to the label. He said that he remained good friends with all of them.

At the time, the biggest news in hip hop was T-Pain dissing Jay-Z. Beanie Sigel described Pain going at Jay-Z as “ignorant.” There were plenty of artists that were dissing Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel took the time to defend Jay-Z from each one of them. But, only a month after all of that, there were rumors of Beans sending out disses to Jay-Z, himself.

It was later proved that he was actually dissing another rapper at the concert, but a few weeks later, Beanie Sigel sent the real thing out to Jay-Z. It has been since that time, he has had something to say about everything that his former boss does. When he first dissed Jay, he said that this is no excuse for other rappers to begin dissing him.

Despite saying that, he aligned himself with 50 Cent only days later. In the time since the first diss, Beanie Sigel will diss Jay-Z, then 50 Cent will diss Jay-Z. Almost on a daily basis, now, it can be expected to hear another Beans diss in the direction of Jay-Z. It has become a little bit redundant because he has said all of this many times before.

Other rappers have paid attention to this feud. Mase said that Beanie Sigel can diss Jay-Z all that he wants to, but he still will not win. According to Mase, he cannot take on Jay-Z until he gets a hit single to go along with that diss record. Also, Jim Jones has spoken on the feud; he said that Beanie Sigel is only dissing Jay-Z for attention until his new album comes out.

Whatever it is that he is doing, Beanie Sigel is looking dumber than Jim Jones trying to diss Jay-Z. It is obvious that Jay is not going to respond to him, Memphis Bleek has reached out to him to find a truce; Beanie Sigel needs to let this go. They were family for way too long to let a little disagreement ruin them.

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