Will LL Cool J return to Rap?

27 Nov

When LL Cool J began promoting Exit 13, he announced it as his exit from Def Jam, not his exit from rap music. But, seeing how his album was mishandled by his label and how low his sales were, LL decided to call it quits after the album. Anyone who follows LL Cool J knows that he does not release an album every year, anyway though.

Unlike many other rappers, LL Cool J likes to take time off to focus on other things, such as movies. He said that he does this, so that he does not get stuck in a rut, creating the same type of album every year. When he is able to go around, having all of these experiences, his music benefits from it.

After the release of Exit 13, LL Cool J was cast to appear as a regular on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” He quickly adjusted to the role of a television star and he even said that he may never record another rap album. However, soon after settling into his role of agent Sam Hanna, the rapper recorded a NCIS-themed song, “NCIS (No Crew Is Superior).”

Like he has mentioned plenty of times, he goes off and does television and movies. With these new experiences, he has new things to rap about. He said that being around all of these veterans of the real NCIS inspired him to create that song. Now, that he has trained and has partially participated as a member of the NCIS for this series, LL Cool J has even more experiences.

Will all of this lead to LL Cool J recording another album in the near future?

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