Nas to perform on “Empire State of Mind” remix?

27 Nov

When Jay-Z was thinking of the concept of his eleventh album, The Blueprint 3, he wanted to make a song that told about where he was from. At the same time, he wanted to pay homage to that old and new. He decided to create a song about his native New York City. He chose the title, “Empire State of Mind,” as a play on the Nas’ song, “N.Y. State of Mind.”

The initial track listing for The Blueprint 3 had Nas as the single’s featured guest. However, once the real album came, there was no verse from Nas. Instead, the song was more of a rap ballad and Alicia Keys performed that. When he was asked about being on this song, Nas said that he had never been asked by Jay-Z to appear on the single.

That was nearly two months ago, when the biggest buzz that the song had was the interruption from Lil Mama. In the short time since then, the song has risen to become Jay-Z’s first single to top the Billboard Hot 100. Currently, the song is in its second week at the top. Now that Jay-Z has finally conquered the mountain, it is time to remix the song.

On Alicia Keys’ album, there is already an “Empire State of Mind, Part 2” that features a new verse from Jay-Z and more vocals from Alicia Keys. Now, it is time for Jay-Z to do things right and recruit some fellow New York rappers and pay more homage to the city. There are already rumors circulating of Jay recording a remix with Nas and making it into a single.

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