Mase talks Beanie Sigel vs. Jay-Z

27 Nov

The recent feud between former associates has the hip hop world buzzing. A lot of people have spoken on the situation. Now, Mase has delivered his opinion on the feud. Not too many people know that Mase and Jay-Z briefly feuded from 1996 until 1997, but they ended on friendly terms.

Most other rappers speaking on the feud have said that it is a shame that two people as close as Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z were to be feuding. Others have said that Beanie Sigel has no right to go at Jay-Z like this because of what he did for Beans and because of his legacy. Despite Beans teaming with 50 Cent, Mase still said that there was no way that Sigel could win.

According to Mase, Beanie Sigel can send all of the disses that he wants to Jay-Z, nothing is going to happen. He said that because Jay is one of rap’s biggest stars, right now. He has the support of urban radio and of such networks as BET and MTV. Mase said that until Beanie Sigel is able to get a hit single, he is going to lose to Jay no matter how hard-hitting his disses were.

What Mase said makes a lot of sense and was probably something that a lot of other people were already thinking. Honestly, without a popular single on the radio, Beanie Sigel is going to fizzle away and no one is going to listen to what he has to say. As of right now, Beans is just another unhappy and unproven rapper, along the lines of Peedi Crack.

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