Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth” track listing and Album Cover

27 Nov

After many delays and false starts, Lil Wayne’s seventh studio album is finally coming. To prove this, today the album cover has been leaked. Along with the album’s cover comes the track listing of the album. These tracks have not physically leaked to the internet, but the titles have.

While the collaborators have been named, it is still unclear exactly what tracks they will appear on. As a confirmation to all of the rumors, the album will indeed be a rock album. Most of the beats will be rock-oriented, but Wayne will rap on some tracks. The only song remaining from the original Rebirth album is “Prom Queen.”

Aside from the lead single, none of these new tracks have been heard outside of Lil Wayne’s camp. It is unclear if any of these songs will be promoted as singles to push the album. Compared to his last album, Rebirth seems like it was rushed together just to make sure that Wayne released something in 2009.

Track listing:

  1. “American Star”
  2. “Prom Queen”
  3. “Ground Zero”
  4. “Da Da Da”
  5. “Paradise”
  6. “Get A Life”
  7. “On Fire”
  8. “Drop The World”
  9. “Runnin”
  10. “One Way Trip”
  11. “Knockout”
  12. “The Price Is Wrong”

After being set for a December 15 release date, the album was pushed back for another week, now set at December 22. That release date will not be changing, Rebirth will be released on Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Records.

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