Lil Boosie wants rehab instead of prison

27 Nov

A few weeks ago, Hip Hop Vibe reported that Lil Boosie was sentenced to four years in prison. This came because he violated his probation when he was caught with marijuana. Now, the Louisiana rapper is expected to begin his prison sentence. He is set to spend two years behind bars and two under house arrest.

Now that he is set to begin his prison sentence, Lil Boosie is saying that he has a terrible addiction to marijuana. Because of that, he feels that he should be in rehab, as opposed to going to prison. He feels that he will receive better treatment in rehab, thus less likely to break the law again.

The reason that Boosie has stated this is because he was caught with drugs. He said that if this is a drug-related issue, he must need to go to rehab, as opposed to prison. Having drugs in one’s possession constitutes as a felony, which means prison time is possible. Apparently, Lil Boosie is stretching for something that will not lead to him going to prison.

No matter what happens, Lil Boosie is expected to release his next album sometime in 2010. He said that he has a lot of new music coming.

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