Jim Jones talks Beanie Sigel vs. Jay-Z

27 Nov

It seems that almost everyone has given their opinion the feud between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z. One person that has yet to speak on the situation is Jim Jones. For nearly five years, Jones has been feuding with Jay-Z. Because of his issues with Jay, Jones has been dissed by Beanie Sigel, but now those two are enemies.

Jim Jones said that Beanie Sigel is only dissing Jay-Z for attention. He said that the Philadelphia rapper has a right to be upset over whatever happened during his time there. At the same time, Jones said that Beans should have been smarter with his decisions while he was under Hov’s wing.

Given the way rappers tend to do now, Jim Jones said that he realizes the best way for a rapper to draw attention is to dig into another rapper. Right now, the top target is Jay-Z. In the past, Jim Jones has drawn attention by going in on Jay-Z. Jones said of all of the people to try and stir the pot with Jay, Beans would be the best, seeing how he was in the same camp with him.

Jones said that he feels that Sigel is upset because he feels that the Roc should still be together and that his Jay-Z disses are his way of venting.

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