Beanie Sigel talks 50 Cent and G-Unit Records

27 Nov

Back in 2005, when 50 Cent was actively pursuing new artists for his G-Unit label, Beanie Sigel had plans of leaving Roc-A-Fella Records and moving over. This move was blocked by Jay-Z and actually serves as one of the reasons that Beanie Sigel is now at odds with Jay. Neither Beans nor Jay are currently signed to Roc-A-Fella.

Last month, Beanie Sigel made it clear that he and Jay-Z were no longer on the same side. Not long after this, he began dissing Jay-Z. It did not take long for Beanie Sigel to unite with 50 Cent. Since that time, he and 50 have been sending many disses to Jay-Z. While he is not signed to G-Unit, Beanie Sigel is definitely an associate of the label.

Once Beanie Sigel united with 50 Cent, it was assumed that he had signed with his label. That was when 50 came out to deny those rumors. He went on to mention that Sig had almost signed with the label in 2005. Now, Beanie Sigel has spoken on his relationship with 50 Cent, saying that it is much stronger than the one that he had shared with Jay-Z.

He went on to say that he is not signed to any record label. Beanie Sigel is a free agent, just the way that he wants to be. Saying that he is free to do whatever, Sigel is interested in signing with the label. Already, he maintains relationships with such G-Unit artists as Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.

While he has not signed to the label yet, the near future may see Beanie Sigel sign to G-Unit Records.

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