Game taunts 50 Cent’s album sales

26 Nov

As long as he has been in the game, 50 Cent has taunted rappers for not selling very many copies of their albums. Everyone reached a consensus about 50 and his past feuds with Jadakiss, Fat Joe, and Game. It has become an understanding that he lost those feuds. 50 Cent has never quite owned up to it, but he has always bragged that none of these rappers have ever sold the way that he has.

In his short time as a member of 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew, Game released an album. That album received critical acclaim and even went platinum, selling five million copies worldwide. After the feud broke out between the two rappers, 50 Cent boasted that Game would not sell one million copies without G-Unit backing him.

Game’s sophomore album, Doctor’s Advocate, was certified platinum, but actually sold around 900,000 copies. While most people were ready to prove 50 wrong, he and the members of his crew were ready to acknowledge that Game’s album did not actually sell one million copies. Then, his third album only sold around 800,000 copies.

In every feud that 50 Cent has ever been involved in, he has always laughed at the fact that they have never sold as many albums as he has. 50 Cent’s first two albums went six times platinum and five times platinum, respectively. His third album, Curtis, lost to Kanye West during their SoundScan Battle and it only sold one million copies.

While selling one million copies means a platinum album, 50 Cent was upset because he usually sells much more than that. When many of his detractors wanted to call that album a flop, 50 still maintained that not many rappers are able to sell a platinum album in today’s times. He was exactly right with that statement.

Earlier this year, he began a feud with Rick Ross. Unlike the other rappers that he has feuded with, Ross has just as much star power as 50 and managed to maintain it. In order to get at Rick Ross, 50 Cent went back to the album sales. He laughed at the fact that his albums barely go gold and he promised that his group, Triple Cs, would not even sell 10,000 copies upon its release.

When he was finally able to secure a release date for his album, Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent was expecting to return to selling a lot of albums. He had a single that was receiving regular rotation with his Ne-Yo-assisted “Baby by Me.” Because of this, it was expected of 50 Cent by 50 Cent for this album to sell a lot of copies.

However, the first week sales are barely above 160,000 copies. One person paying attention to this is Game, 50 Cent’s longtime foe. He jokingly pleaded to the fans to go out and buy his album to at least help it to go gold. Later, Game spoke on 50’s album sales again, saying that karma is a bitch.

Throughout his career, 50 Cent has always boasted about his album sales. All of the other rappers that he had problems with were not able to bring in the money to the label that he was bringing to the label. Now, 50 has watched two of his albums flop. It is something that he does not want to admit to, but 50 Cent is now the average hip hop artist.

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