Memphis Bleek to take on 50 Cent?

25 Nov

Ever since 50 Cent has been rapping, he has been eager to take it to Jay-Z. For one reason or another, something has always stopped that from happening. Now, former Roc-A-Fella rapper, Beanie Sigel has an issue with Jay-Z and he has looked for 50 Cent to be his muscle. Since that time, 50 Cent has not been shy towards calling Jay-Z out.

It has been almost one month since Beanie Sigel first sided with 50 Cent and they began their ambush of Jay-Z. Since the time that 50 began dissing Jay, he has called him a coward. He said that Jay-Z always finds a way to avoid feuding directly with other rappers. 50 said that Jay always sends subliminal shots at other rappers.

50 Cent pointed out the feud that he had with Jadakiss. In 2000, Jada and Jay began feuding and Beanie Sigel ended up being the one that really responded. The only feud that Jay-Z ever took on by himself was the one with Nas and the result was “Ether.” 50 Cent has said that Jay has been scared to feud with anyone since that time.

Over and over again, he has baited Jay-Z and Jay has yet to bite. What he said about Jay-Z and his feuds did make some sense, though; he never has gone directly at any artists besides Mobb Deep and Nas. Since that is the case, it would be absurd to think that Jay would be dumb enough to help 50 Cent sell records by feuding with him.

Already an established star that can sell records based off of his legacy, Jay-Z does not need to feud with 50 Cent. It is the exact opposite, 50 Cent needs to feud with Jay-Z. Memphis Bleek, on the other hand has never quite reached the fame that Jay-Z had wanted him to. 50 has taunted Jay for the “pass the torch” situation with Lil Wayne, but Jay had planned for Bleek to have the torch.

In his entire career, Memphis Bleek has never had a platinum hit, or a top ten single. For some reason, his buzz was never able to sustain. Some say that the fact that he was always Jay-Z’s sidekick has always held him back. Now, he is no longer on the same label as Jay. He is the head of his own Get Low team and he thinks that this album can put him over the top.

Despite the fact that he is no longer Jay-Z’s artist, Jay-Z is still working very close with Memphis Bleek. No matter what, he wants to see Bleek sell records and become a star. Call him whatever, but Jay-Z is a marketing genius. He is not going to ruin his image by dissing 50 Cent back, but he will sic Memphis Bleek out on him. Bleek needs some extra promotion for his new album and a 50 Cent feud may just be it.

On top of all of that, Memphis Bleek is Jay-Z’s most loyal soldier, so it probably will not be long before he breaks his silence on 50 Cent. Something will probably go down before long that will reveal the true players in this feud. There is no chance on another Dynasty album, now.

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